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KPK Official Car Marks Destruction of 16-Year Simplicity Image

The Corruption Eradication Commission volume V under the command of Firli Bahuri submits a budget for purchasing official cars to the House ...

The Corruption Eradication Commission volume V under the command of Firli Bahuri submits a budget for purchasing official cars to the House of Representatives. The official car for the chairman, who is Firli himself, is worth Rp1.45 billion, while the deputy chairman is Rp1 billion each and the supervisory board and echelon 1 officials are Rp.702 million. The car value and specifications for Firli are in the same class as the new vehicles of the ministers and leaders of the MPR and DPR. Last year, the Ministry of State Secretariat distributed 101 units of the Toyota Crown 2.5 HV G-Executive, the latest premium sedan made in Japan. Acting KPK spokesman Ali Fikri opened the possibility of a smaller budget. "Still under discussion, especially regarding the details of the detailed budget ceiling for each unit," said Ali. The KPK argued that since its establishment in 2003, its officials only used private vehicles. During the four periods, the KPK did not recognize official cars for the leaders. The offer for official cars has actually appeared since volume I, but was rejected and is valid until volume IV. Firli's leadership era, when the KPK was 16 years old, actually proposed an official car.

Official cars are claimed to support corruption eradication performance, a reason that does not prevent them from being criticized. The head of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) volume IV, Saut Situmorang, suggested Firli to use the transportation allowance for car loans recently. After all, the salary is quite large. Firli's total salary is IDR 123.9 million per month, including transportation allowances of IDR 29.5 million. Based on his experience, the leadership's official car is quite the Toyota Kijang Innova. Moreover, the type of car has no relevance to eradicating corruption. "The transportation allowance of [KPK leadership] volumes I to IV is more than enough to take action and prevent it," said Saut, Friday (16/10/2020). No wonder The news of a luxury official car emerged after Firli was lightly sanctioned for violating the code of ethics. The KPK Supervisory Board sent him a written warning for using a helicopter on June 20, 2020, from Palembang to Baturaja. The sanctions themselves add to the length of Firli's list of reproaches at the KPK. In the last six months, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has only been arrested twice while in the same period the previous years were at least five times. In the Firli era, 34 workers resigned until October. Most recent is Febri Diansyah, whose last position was head of the public relations bureau. Febri said he was resigning because this institution had changed course since the revision of the KPK law was passed last year. Febri's resignation coincided with the issue of procuring a new official car. The former KPK spokesman was the last time he came to work last Friday. Before the issue of official cars spread, the KPK was also highlighted about the proposed salary increase for commissioners. Firli's total salary is proposed to be doubled to Rp. 300 million, but there has been no discussion after being protested that he was insensitive because the state was hit by the Corona outbreak.

Former Deputy Chairman of the KPK, Laode M Syarif, criticized him with a similar tone. According to him, the desire to have an official car in the midst of a pandemic has reinforced the image of the current leadership's empathy. "The leadership of the KPK and all its staff must empathize with the condition of the nation where the poor still reach 20 million and the addition of new poverty due to COVID-19 - which according to BPS - is 26.42 million, so it is inappropriate to ask for state facilities when the community is still concerned like now, "said Laode. He then warned that if this was realized, the values ​​of independence and simplicity of KPK officials would fade. Meanwhile, a researcher from Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) Kurnia Ramadhana said that KPK leaders were unethical and greedy. Until now, there has been no statement from the KPK leadership that leads to the cancellation of the plan. In fact, the KPK's Supervisory Board has rejected it, which admits that it has never participated in the discussion. "Dewas never participated in the discussion and refused the official car," read the statements of refusal from members of Syamsuddin Haris and Albertina Ho as well as the chairman of Tumpak Hatorangan Panggabean. (tirto)

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